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Yorkie Dictionary

Yorkies Have Their Own Vocabulary!

Terminology - Basic Yorkish - Learn it Well!


Yorked, yorking, york - This is when we love our humans by rubbing our heads and bodies against them. Almost like a cat. When a human lays on the floor, we will hop over and over his/her head yorking his/her face on each pass. We also love to york human feet when they’re standing still. If a human is sitting in a chair or holding us or if a human is in any position where we can reach his/her face, we cover their face with kisses. 

Yorkieslurpies - Our tongues can slurp over a face in two seconds flat!

Yorkaholic - An abnormal addition to one or more Yorkies. That’s why we are the alpha members of our family.

York alarm - When Mom or Dad is sleeping and we need to wake someone up, we walk on their side up to their shoulder, and stare into their face. If it’s really urgent, we use one of our vocabulary words.

Yorkiebumps - These are toys left around the house. These cause Mom and Dad to walk slowly.

Yorkowel - Yorkie towel a.k.a. sofa and/or carpeting. These are fully utilized after baths.

Yorkihop - Similar to a bull pawing the earth. We do this after going potty, when we drop a toy off the edge of the sofa and we want someone to get it for us; when we are on a bed and want to eat; or just for fun.

Yorkish - Yorkie language. Tones range from low to high with various inflections which emit very different sounds. Used when yorking, to sound a York alarm, and when yorkiehopping. May also be heard at any time for any reason.

Yorkietrot - When we walk on our hind legs to see over boxes or the board in front of our gate in the backyard. We HAVE to see anyone who drives into our driveway or is leaving. We can walk on two legs as well as any human!

Yorkieologist - A self-trained archeological Yorkie. Diggings can be found in the yard areas of all Yorkie homes. Mom has a collection of our discoveries - rocks, pieces of strange unidentified items, sticks, roots, and even a nylabone we found several inches beneath the surface. 

Yorkierock - Rocks or pieces of cement found by, dug up by, and carried by Yorkies. Can be any size or color.

Yorkiepoo - A.K.A. Surprises or Yorkiedoodles: Left in hidden areas of the house when no one hears my Yorkalarm OR in the back yard when they DO hear my Yorkalarm.

Yorkiedoodle - See Yorkiepoo.

Yorkassic - When a Yorkie misbehaves.

Yorkcentric - When a human’s main topic of conversation is about their Yorkie. All our humans are Yorkcentric!

York sentry - A Yorkie on sentry duty; protecting the property of the humans she/he owns.

Yorkieproof - The process of making sure there’s nothing harmful accessible to a Yorkie.

Yorkweiler - Every Yorkie is a Rottweiler in a tiny body.

Yorkiebed - Any bed, sofa, chair, pillow, blanket or clothing on the floor.

Yorkisses - Similar to Yorkieslurpies, but not as wet. Usually a quick lick on the face just to let you know you’re not forgotten.

Yorkieized - Once a Yorkie has Yorked you, you’ve been thoroughly Yorkieized ( a Yorkie’s idea of sanitizing).

Yorkenstein - What a Yorki becomes at the edge of a gopher hole.

Yorkieitis - A medical malady in humans who are so smitten by their Yorkie they get up in the middle of the night on a regular basis to check on their Yorkie(s) or just to love their Yorkie(s). Our human parents have been known to even play with us in the middle of the night.

Yorkiehole - Depressions scattered all over the back yard.

Yorkienap - Similar to catnaps, but unique to Yorkies.

Yorkster - A young Yorkie.

Yorkahound - When a Yorkie trots around the back yard with his/her nose to the ground. 

Yorkieuur - The low soft “uur - uur” a Yorkie makes to let you know they need your attention NOW!